Yesterday was Palm Sunday which reminded me I meant to share with you an Easter devotional I compiled a couple years ago. I love following the story of Jesus’ last days and for me, following along in chronological order (as best as I can) helps me so much when remembering this week’s events.


    Sunday is coming.


    Deuteronomy 7:22 | the Lord will deliver me little by little.  Sounds super cute until you want deliverance and victory NOW. This verse also mentions He won’t permit wiping out all the obstacles all at once. Great. Sign me up.

    My husband and I want victory NOW in our marriage.  We don’t want to hurt anymore or struggle with our memories of hard stuff.

    I want my businesses to thrive NOW.  I work so hard and can always resort back to “this is too hard.  I’m fooling myself into thinking I’ll ever be successful.”

    I want victory NOW with my self-image.  I don’t want to see imperfections.

    God shocked me today when He reminded me of Deuteronomy 7:22.  This is me leg pressing 270 lbs. I’ll try not to confuse you all, but 300 lbs is my max. If you’re not familiar, this means I was able to successfully press 300 lbs once, which was months ago. October to be exact.  I do this so that I know what is a good challenging weight to lift daily. I do 70% of my max for regular workouts, which is 4 plates plus 30lbs, or 210 lbs total. So me leg pressing 270 as a full set was mind blowing to me.  I would have never even attempted it but my husband kept throwing plates up and I didn’t argue. I normally press 4 plates…this is 6. I apologize for all the math this morning friends lol, but my point is…I am 30 lbs away from pressing my max as my regular workout, and I had no stinkin clue I was even close to this.

    What you don’t know my looking at this picture is the MONTHS of doing simple leg days to build up my legs little by little. Five months to be exact. I have knees that will hurt me if I don’t give my leg days my attention. Little by little I keep showing up. Little by little I still walk on a treadmill at an incline and stretch, even on the days I don’t want to.  Somedays when I’m stretching I’m also crying because I’m frustrated with an injury or simply frustrated with the entire chiseling process of my soul. Sanctification cuts me deep. And then a moment like today happens and I’m like “ohhhhhh ok God.”

    Little by little GOD will get me leg pressing my max as a regular workout.

    Little by little GOD will help our marriage to only hurt once every 15 days instead of every hour of every day.

    Little by little GOD will show me how beautiful I am in so many new things in my soul that have nothing to do with my outside appearance.

    Little by little GOD will breath creativity and inspiration into all of our businesses and I start creating things only God could dream up and I think wow He chose this wretch to do this?

    Little by little friends.  It won’t happen in big explosions.  And sadly, I often want to give up on my marriage, healthy personal development, workouts and businesses because I want it to happen now.  It hurts so bad in the waiting because we don’t see the progress every day when we truly focus on the little by little.

    It seems like a complete waste of time to focus on stretching and doing small sets squats without weights every day for months.

    It seems like a complete waste of time to continue to do our marriage counseling homework when lots of times we get angry, sad, frustrated or overwhelmed with what seems like easy homework.

    It seems like a complete waste of time to keep dreaming up business goals when I sometimes only get one response when I put myself out there to share my heart and passion.

    I keep forgetting that the lessons God wants to teach me has nothing to do with what I’m focusing on.  He is seriously the MacGyver of life situations. He takes all of my random junk and makes it work. I can’t even digest it sometimes.  “Ok…so He took this and He took that, and out of that He taught me THIS lesson and made this new revelation to me…what in the what?”

    God will deliver you little by little friends.  Make a list of your goals and frustrations and beside each of them write out what your little by little is.  Do those over and over and trust that He will bring victory to you in His time. If five months go by and you’re still focusing on your little by little, you’re on track friends.

    (Oh, and I’m not smelling my armpits in this picture.  My husband caught me dancing. Leg day always brings out intense worship songs and booty music. My playlist would confuse you.)



    9 years ago today I said YES to Jesus🙏🏼❤️ Best decision I ever made.  Today I felt His presence at the gym in a different way than I have in the recent months. Things have just been weird for me lately. Life is different nowadays and changes make life seem odd. And confusing.  But, Jesus always was and always will be constant…never changing.

    When life feels weird Jesus is there reminding me what calm feels like. I thought it was rather odd to be overwhelmed by his presence considering it was 4:30 am, I was barely awake and I am suffering through some injuries. My mind was completely occupied with my own thoughts. Woe is me.

    But I felt His presence.
    A sense of belonging and security overcame me.
    I felt His peace.

    I was like “heyy You”! I love this feeling. Three hours later I am reminded today is the day I gave my life to Him and I thought ahhh I see😉

    If I could suggest two things to everyone today, I would say have you given your life to Jesus and do you have a Christian counselor you can go to on a continuous basis?  We have been blessed with an amazing Christian woman counselor who has helped our marriage and family so dang much. On Tuesday we explained some situations going on in our marriage that have been bothering us and she proceeded to tell us in those moments to drop to our knees and bind those attacks in Jesus name.  Seems obvious…but in heated and frustrating moments your mind is not clicking right. She is a blessing to us and we have literally moved mountains with Jesus AND a bold Christian counselor. She has guided me into breaking bondage in areas I never…and I mean NEVER…thought I’d be free from.

    We get lost in our thoughts and sometimes we don’t believe we deserve the abundant life. We don’t, but somehow we are supposed to walk into this new life with Jesus and accept the fact that He wants to carry our burdens and take care of us. How in the world. I could never get passed the fact that in spite of that, Jesus came to free me from all of that junk.  And no matter what I think in my brain, the answer is still YES when I wonder if I really am someone Jesus would take care of.  How in the world can you walk in victory when life reminds you of your earthly garbage? I’m still learning nine years later, BUT I will tell you I would be a biggest hot mess there ever was if I did not have JESUS.

    Before Jesus I was a desperate-for-attention woman.  I definitely was a follower. I was afraid to be bold in what was right, and lots of times I was so lost that what I thought was right and ok was so far passed the boundaries of right and wrong I didn’t even feel bad when doing the things I did.  It makes my stomach hurt thinking about it. I would love to say the moment I said yes to Him nine years ago everything changed like a bolt of lightning and I never did anything wrong again. I think this thought is one of THE biggest myths and misconceptions out there when we discuss asking Jesus into our hearts.  It’s a slowwww process to be chiseled and unfortunately I have done so many wrongs it’s taken nine years to get one of the biggest bends in my life the hardest whack of the chisel it’s ever been given.

    Years go by and sometimes you think you’re in the clear and won’t have to answer for sins.

    That is also a huge lie.

    Sin catches up with you always. Some of mine caught up with me from over ten years ago. Yuck and ouch. I will say that once you bring things to the Light, the enemy doesn’t have this hold on you anymore.  It is freeing! Darkness can’t stay dark when there is Light.

    Where am I at now?  Well, rebuilding after you’ve bought every sin up to your spouse is not very fun.  I do not know how we could manage through if we didn’t have Jesus and our counselor.  After many months we can for sure look back and see how far we have come. It’s amazing actually.  When the days get hard the only thing we tell ourselves is God is fighting harder for our marriage and family than we are…and our desire to do the right thing will always be greater than our desire to give up.  And if you knew how badly we wanted to give up sometimes, then you could truly know that our desire to do the right thing must be really big.

    Where am I going?  Well, I tell ya…Jesus just won’t let some things go in my soul.  There are things that make my soul dance a continuous cha-cha slide and cumbias.  My goal is to continue moving in that direction on the things He has given me the authority to dive into and to let Him lead the way…and just be persistent and continue to show up.

    The days of crying and wanting to just give up because there is no stinkin way the abundant life is out there for me, are happening more and more these days. I mean look at me?! And Jesus says…”yes…look at you.  I made you and you are my perfection. Don’t get discouraged Hattie. My beloved, the pain is part of life. But I promise you that I will turn every tear you’ve cried into joy, and I will use your deep pain for divine purpose.  I’m the only one who can handle your heart and restore you to health and wholeness again. I, too, have felt great pain and rejection, and anger. But we can go through every trial together. Hand in hand I will lead you back to My place of peace and joy after the storm.  The sun will shine on you again, and your heart will be healed. I promise you, My Princess, that when you go through deep waters of great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression you will not be burned.”

    That is MY JESUS.  He got me.


    I love a new year.
    I love a new month.
    Heck, I even love a Monday.


    But I wasn’t always like this.  I’ve always had a love for to-do lists, calendars and structure, but I haven’t always been as focused as I am today.  I’ve been through a few seasons of “winging it” and to be honest, those seasons gave me lots of hard times and more un-checked to-do lists.  

    I love a new year, a new month, or even a Monday.  I love the idea of a fresh start but also believe the day to start is today, rather than waiting until tomorrow.  I have gone through seasons in my life where I knew I needed changes to happen, but I just didn’t even know where to begin.  Through the years I have learned what works best for me to shake things up a bit, re-align, re-focus, and get my life back on track.  It’s never too late, and you’re never too far gone!

    I’ve since learned to embrace how God created me and share these things with others.  For years I have dreamt of creating content like this guide you are reading. It excites me so much to be able to help you start your new year off right and in ways that I personally love.  But feel free to use this as a way to re-start a new month or heck, even a Monday!

    You got this.  You were created for so much more!  And good news, YOU are in control of your actions.  You decide if you walk forward with a mission for better.  Your year will be what you make it to be.

    Use this guide as a filter for how you plan your day.  Use this guide to inspire you. Use this guide to follow exactly, or to be inspired to create your very own.  Decide to make some changes, keep them a priority, and be consistent. Not perfect. Consistent. Perfection never wins in the end.  Consistency is your best friend. One rough day doesn’t mean you quit.

    The time is now.  You got this, friend!
    Download your FREE 10 Steps to Reset in the New Year!


    I’m obsessed with looking for new ways I need to simplify my life. If you don’t fret over that kind of stuff, I’ll fret for you and just give you all the things you need to be more organized.

    My brain will crave simplicity or organization somewhere in my life, and out of that comes the creations I have been sharing for ten years. In 2016, I felt I was needing help staying better focused during the week (don’t we all) and with that, this sheet was born.

    I have been printing this sheet off every Sunday night for over three years, and while many times friends tease me about my love for things like this, they are always the first to ask for a new copy to be emailed over. Point made! We all need some help keeping it all together, because we all know the hot mess we are…please tell me I’m not the only one.

    This is my favorite (fav) weekly planner!  I created this to help me stay focused each week on everything I need to get done.  I hate wasting time so much.  I’ve edited and tweaked it many times into what it is today after learning what all information I like to keep track of each week.

    Today is your day to start getting more organized and focused on your to-do list! You got this, friend!


    Where I’m at as I enter 2019. Anyone else leaning into not caring what the world thinks as you take your marching orders from God?

    2018 was a rough year. Ouch, the lessons learned. Half of it was full of chaos, heartache, and grief. But the other half was light into darkness, revelation, redemption and a boat load of Grace. My statement for 2018 was “go for it” and I absolutely loved how it guided me all year. We basically filter all decisions through our word of the year and it helped so much. I’m amazed actually how beneficial this was. I encourage you to try it!

    God has filled our plates full this year with orders and it was heard loud and clear that our mission for 2019 is “maintain”. God spoke this to me a few months ago in a sermon I heard when it was said to climb and maintain. Climb to where you’re meant to be, where the path God has paved is just for you, and maintain. Stay there. Maintain your mission. Stick to His plan. Keep doing what He said to do.

    Keep being creative. Keep investing in your marriage. Keep building that blog and encourage other mamas like it’s your j.o.b…they need your love. Keep serving at your church. Keep doing bible studies with your husband. Keep going to the gym. Keep teaching moms how to incorporate safe wellness methods in their home. Keep building that Etsy shop. Keep dreaming big. Maintain it, Hattie.

    2019 will be a year of maintaining all the things we’ve been given and learn to maintain them well. Find our groove. Find what our best is.

    Here’s to a new year. Thru all the hard stuff, I still proclaim it will be the best yet!

    Do you set resolutions? Or do you choose a word for the year?


  • CHRISTMAS 2018

    It is absolutely crazy that I am writing our Christmas blog when I feel that I just started sharing about our holiday calendar. We had a wonderful Christmas! If you follow me on social media then I’m sure you know of some of the fun we had, but I kept a lot of our moments for the blog. Here’s a peek into our December!

    We set up all our decorations the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Once Thanksgiving is here, we are in the festive mood!

    In addition to our family holiday calendar, we incorporated an advent calendar as well as a wreath this year.

    December 1 means the Wiginton family holiday calendar is here! Milani got to open up card #1! Our day one was spent with family and ended with a movie in our hometown to watch the new Grinch movie! We L O V E D it!

    We have a holiday puzzle every year. My husband has memories of doing puzzles with his Dad growing up and we want to incorporate this memory with him and his kids. We did decide that 1000 is too many pieces for all the activities we do. Next year we plan to downsize to 500.

    Movie nights are pretty much 70% of our holiday calendar lol. We love love love Christmas movies! Here are our favorites.

    Every year we have a reindeer day! This year we had “Reindeer Floats”, reindeer cookies, reindeer crafts, made reindeer food and of course did all this while watching “Prancer”. It’s one of our favorite days!

    We love Grinch Night!

    We were thrilled that Uncle Mark flew in for eleven days from Montana to spend Christmas with us all! So thankful!

    First time making gingerbread cookies was a success! They were absolutely delicious and not hard to make at all.

    The next cookie we attempted was a homemade sugar cookie with my favorite cream cheese frosting. YUM-O!

    Sugar Cookies
    Cream Cheese frosting (from my cinnamon roll recipe)

    Have you seen those paint and sip parties people attend? Well, I went to one finally for the first time and had such a great time!

    When I came home and my family oohed and awwed over my painting it triggered an idea to create my own paint party on our holiday calendar! I chose a gingerbread house template and we had so much fun! Alexa played Christmas music from the 1940’s all night while we laughed, concentrated, ate snacks and giggled over efforts. All in all, we WILL be doing this next year!

    This is pretty much the only picture I snapped on Christmas since I cooked a massive meal for my entire family! I opted to set my phone down and just enjoy the day. Santa came. Family traveled safely. Our bellies were full (very full) and our hearts were filled with love. Very thankful.

    We had a blizzard come in late Wednesday night, so when we woke up on December 27 we had zero power and it was a full-on blizzard. We made coffee on the stove (thanks to camping equipment) and enjoyed some doggie snuggles in our comfy chairs trying to stay warm. I did fall asleep around 7am while my husband was reading in Jeremiah and it was the best ever. Something about a blizzard and being home bound with my favorites…it is well with my soul.

    On New Years Eve Eve we told my brother goodbye before he flew back to Montana. We always love having him home and sure wish he could be local again, but his heart is in Montana.

    I am still in shock that the holidays are over, but since we celebrate December every single day, once Christmas is over we are happy to move onto the new year. Another year we are humbled by the greatness of our God and that He chose to send His son for us….us. We are so unworthy of a Savior, but my goodness are we thankful that God became Man on the earth for us. We pray that you all had a great 2018 and we are praying and believing that 2019 will be our best yet.

    After I finish the bits and pieces of this blog, I will move onto finalizing our New Year’s Eve activities for tomorrow. If you haven’t read why we do what we do for New Year’s Eve, you should!

    Happy New Year to you all! I’m thankful for all of you that take the time to read what I have to say.



    Ok, I know Christmas literally just finished…but New Year’s is a week away and we like to end every year with a fun day of family activities! (What’s new right?) Our purpose for doing all of the things are actually a very big deal to us and significant to our mission of how we want our legacy to be remembered.

    When my husband and I were growing up, family activities were not something we really had. As we grew up we noticed that we were always eager to leave the home to go somewhere else to have fun. After focusing and narrowing down what our real goals were as we try to pave a legacy, we came to the conclusion that our real win would be if our children truly wanted to spend time with us after they left the home.

    It was then that we realized that in order for our kids to have that feeling of wanting to spend time with us, it would have to be because family time and activities must be something that is part of them as they grow up. Consistently. After discussing this, my husband and I decided to create activities that we do every single holiday that would turn into traditions our children would remember for the rest of their lives and actually look forward to it even as adults.

    For Christmas, we have our gigantic family holiday calendar that we just finished (we are tired), and for New Years we celebrate on the Eve. As teenagers we for sure were always looking for the party that had alcohol and we know we associated this holiday as a day of drinking instead of reflecting on the entire year we just experienced, or just simply enjoying family time.

    Most everyone enjoys the countdown of the New Year so we do an all-day countdown on New Years Eve! Our kids wake up to a room full of balloons and a days worth of, you guessed it…family activities!

    You can find all the information on our New Years Eve shenanigans here!

    Not really sure what all we’ll be doing this year, since I’m still over here eating leftover ham and pumpkin gooey-butter cake. But make sure you stay close-by on social media to follow all the fun!

    Here are two fun prints you can display at your New Years Eve party! Stick it in an 8×10 frame and you have a really cute and quick decoration.

    As I always insist, this does not have to be anything hard or impossible to pull-off. Make it as easy as you need it to be and remember that you are creating memories for your family. These are the moments your babes are going to remember. These are the memories that create that foundation of what it means to be a family. We want our families to always come together and this is such a wonderful way to create that culture in your home. Have fun with it! Scour the Dollar Store and let Pinterest make you look like you have your crap together, even though none of us do! HA!



    No matter how prepared I am, there’s always something I might forget.  I try to keep a good list of what happened last year to always be prepared, but still…something comes up!  Thank’s to Amazon Prime, these gifts can be at your doorstep in a few days.  That leaves us more time to drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies snuggled on the couch with family!

    one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten

    Y’all…I didn’t realize how hard it would be to narrow down these gifts I’ve been sharing.  I have so many ideas!  The internet is full of people sharing gift ideas and I would love to hear some of yours!  xoxo


    One of our favorite nights in December is Grinch Night.  The Grinch snacks are so yummy and we now have three Grinch movies to choose from!

    Grinch Popcorn

    • 1/2 cup popcorn kernels
    • 2 TBS canola oil
    • salt
    • 1/4 cup salted butter
    • 5 cups mini marshmallows
    • green food coloring
    • red M&Ms

    Add canola oil, salt and kernels in a stew pot and set on high with the lid on.  No need to mess with it, add the ingredients, set on high with the lid on and leave it.  Once the pops start to stop turn the heat off.  Have a large bowl ready to dump the popcorn in.  Take the lid off away from your face and pour popcorn into large bowl.  Set aside

    In a new saucepan, start to melt butter.  When the butter begins to melt add the marshmallows.  Stir constantly on medium-heat.  When the marshmallows and butter have completely combined and melted, take off of burner and add about 5 drops of green food coloring.

    Once combined, pour over popcorn and stir to combine.  Pour onto a cookie sheet somewhat even and flat.  Sprinkle red M&Ms.  Enjoy!

    Our family LOVES this popcorn so much!  The recipe is super easy to use in all holidays.  For Halloween we will use orange food coloring and Halloween M&Ms.  For Valentines Day you can use pink food coloring and any red candies you choose.  Get creative!  I love to master a recipe and then find a way to use it for all holidays.

    We love to pair Grinch Popcorn with our version of Grinch Punch!

    This recipe is super hard.  Green sherbert and 7-Up.

    Our family has always watched the Grinch movie with Jim Carey but we fell in love hard with the new Grinch released November 2018.  This for sure is our new favorite!  Let’s not forget the timeless classic released in 1966.

    Which Grinch movie is your family favorite?  I think everyone’s family’s will have a mix of which theirs is!  xoxo