I’m obsessed with looking for new ways I need to simplify my life. If you don’t fret over that kind of stuff, I’ll fret for you and just give you all the things you need to be more organized.

My brain will crave simplicity or organization somewhere in my life, and out of that comes the creations I have been sharing for ten years. In 2016, I felt I was needing help staying better focused during the week (don’t we all) and with that, this sheet was born.

I have been printing this sheet off every Sunday night for over three years, and while many times friends tease me about my love for things like this, they are always the first to ask for a new copy to be emailed over. Point made! We all need some help keeping it all together, because we all know the hot mess we are…please tell me I’m not the only one.

This is my favorite (fav) weekly planner!  I created this to help me stay focused each week on everything I need to get done.  I hate wasting time so much.  I’ve edited and tweaked it many times into what it is today after learning what all information I like to keep track of each week.

Today is your day to start getting more organized and focused on your to-do list! You got this, friend!

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